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Toelichting Cover PCT-uitvoer

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The PCT (Process Cycle Test) component of COVER delivers test cases for the coverage type: Paths (=Coverage of the variations in the process in terms of combinations of paths). In the coverage of paths, various levels are possible. The more thorough the level, the greater the probability of finding defects.
The depth of coverage is reflected in the concept of test depth level.
The default version of the PCT component delivers the commonly used test depth levels: 1 and 2. Higher test depth levels (3, 4, 5, etc..) are possible in advanced PCT profiles.

Tool output

The default output of the PCT component consists of 2 files per process flow:
The PCT component can also support the interface with HPQC (HP Quality Center), RQM (IBM Rational Quality Manager) and TOSCA,(template and configuration settings are needed for implementation)