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Output: ProcessCycleTest(example2)

  • Testgevallen: cover-ONTWx2.htm
  • Plaatje: cover-ONTWx2.png
  • mailbody.txt

  • mailbody.txt

    TCP info
    Flows: 5
    Decision Points: 8

    See enclosed attachment(s).

    Work Package date: 25-04-2015
    Work Package id: wopa_id2

    PCT test cases
    test depth level 1: 2
    test depth level 2: 5

    input path combinations: 41
    path combinations (after compression): 31
    number of begin paths: 1
    number of end paths: 2
    number of paths: 17

    begin paths:
    1: initialNode: Initial1

    end paths:
    31: decisionNode: J: [Reply OK personal obligations calculated] activityFinalNode: ActivityFinal1
    32: decisionNode: J: [Reply Not OK error] activityFinalNode: ActivityFinal2

    versie 15 7 februari 2015 -